About Us

Our Mission

Life Lipids is a manufacturer of bioactive, structural, and otherwise interesting lipids for the purposes of research and development in the advancement of human medicine. We enable this work by providing a quality product at a fraction of the cost of our competitors and by partnering with academic labs in pursuit of new activities and applications. We also provide a range of new products available only from Life Lipids. We are constantly adding new products and providing our customers and partners the best we have to offer. As a part of our mission to lower the cost of lipid research, ask us about our collaborator discount and price matching at info@lifelipids.com.

If you cannot find everything you need in our catalog, please fill out a product request form on the Contact Us page. You may anticipate a quote within 10 business days.


What Drives Us

One of the major bottlenecks in biomedical research stems from the limited supply and prohibitive cost of medicinally promising and bioactive lipids. Our goal at Life Lipids is to drive cutting edge research by making these compounds commercially available at an unbeatable price. We understand that funding is a finite resource and will do all we can to deliver what you need.